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The Spaces In Between (Staged Reading)

October 18th, 2019 I self-produced a staged reading of my one-act play The Spaces In Between.


Coming back from summer vacation a group of college students throw what was supposed to be a simple board game night filled with booze, pot, and laughs. When one of them brings a game that is said to "ruin friendships" to the party, things begin to take a turn and the events of a night they all swore to forget soon come to light.


The reading was filled with fun and laughs and a few tears by the end of it. Thanks

to all who read including; Regina Desrosiers (Stage Directions), Tyler Cardona (Manolo), Vinny Pruchnick (West), Kylee LaViolette (Mindy), Amber Wheeler (Maggie), Liz Broderick (Toni), and my fiance Chloe Bliss (Tuco).